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Service opportunity

Here at New Season Worship Center, it is our goal to guide, encourage and facilitate personal, spiritual, and ministerial growth. We believe that the work of the ministry here is to be done by all of us. Therefore, our aim is 100% participation. To keep up with our growth, we have several open volunteer leadership positions available.


  • Media

  • Social Network Team

  • Worship/Music 

  • Performing Arts/Dance

  • Men's Ministry 

  • Ushers/Greeter

  • Camera operators

  • Photographer

  • Web- designer

  • Sound/ Engineer

  • Drivers

  • Security

  • Parking Attendants


God called Abram to give up the familiar native land. That was a difficult thing to do; but first, if Abram was going to fulfill his purpose he had to move. Secondly, he had to leave relatives as well. We share personal friendships and bonds with our brothers and sisters with whom we worship and serve and it's a difficult decision to move away from those you bonded with especially those in your home church. I know what it feels like personally, but oftentimes your gifts get buried in the crowd and you will never be able to operate to your fullest potential in that environment. Jesus himself had little merit in his home town too. The hardest of them all is to leave the covering of your Pastor that you have grown under and have come to trust. Abram was asked to leave his father's covering in pursuit of new land. Here is the real kicker; We see in Genesis 11:31 that Te-rah Abram's father's initial destination was Canaan, but he had camp halfway in Harran and would spend the rest of his life in the same location. However, if Abram was going to make it to Canaan, God had to get him out of his father's house. If you feel stuck, maybe you are! Is God calling you to a new land and a new season? God's promise to Abram was simple: "I will show you" This means two things. 1. Abram had to be willing to move and 2. He had to listen carefully as he go. Only then would he get clarity of where God is taking him. I welcome you to pray about growing with us. Become a Kingdom builder - Pastor Stephen Reeves

Come Serve With Us

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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